Road King Classic

Harley Davidson Road King Classic –
A Versatile Touring Bike

The Harley Davidson Road King® Classic model is a versatile touring machine that combines the nostalgic style of the Road King with improved performance excellence and versatility. The rigid backbone frame of this motorcycle was specifically designed to handle the demands of long-distance travels, making it the perfect companion for harnessing freedom for your soul through open road adventure.

The Hiawatha headlamp and nacelle are reminiscent of the 1960s, while the Twin Cooled High Output Twin Cam 103 (1690cc) engine brings all the power from a modern age in a luxurious manner and in a way that only Harley can achieve. The Showa® Dual Bending Valve front suspension and rear emulsion suspension makes for a luxurious ride.

This bike is equipped with leather-wrapped saddlebags to accommodate your essentials on the long road. The wide set handlebars on this Harley also add a nod to its older varieties, whilst providing a comfortable commanding position for the rider. In order to maintain it’s classic look, all elements of modern technology that are incorporated into this vehicle, such as ABS, are artfully hidden to still provide functionality without ruining perspective.

We love this timeless style combined with modern power! Test the Harley Davidson Road King out for yourself from only R1550 per day or indulge in the intricacies of this motorcycle over a guided tour from the team at Makani. With various tour options, you can ride this beast through your choice of scenery and quench your craving for adventure.



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