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Harley Davidson rental Cape Town – Explore in style

Nothing beats the breathtaking views of the stunning locations in Cape Town and surrounds, which is why we choose to enjoy they from the best seat in the Cape – the back of a Harley. If you are interested in experiencing this thrill, feel free to enquire about our Harley Davidson rental Cape Town options.

From short tours for exploring the winelands or longer adventures to soak up the beauty of the Garden Route, these motorcycles provide a thrilling and reliable ride that will get you from point A to point B in comfort and style.

harley davidson rental cape town

Why Harley Davidson?

No matter where you are from, what language you speak or your level of motorcycle knowledge, the name Harley Davidson will ring a bell – for good reason! It’s no secret that we love Harley motorcycles, it’s why we have chosen these glorious machines to help us tour the Western Cape. This is why we think these beasts are unbeatable…

“Freedom for the soul”

The appeal of a Harley Davidson motorcycle stems from more than its attractive look and thrilling ride. This brand embodies the dream of fulfilling true adventure and freedom, from a feeling that is best captured when riding, and values growing a connection with riders and non-riders who wish to engage with this unique experience.

For over a century, Harley Davidson has defined biker culture through innovation by incorporating new features and technology as they are introduced. Today, they continue to provide riders all over the world with soul sparking experiences.

With a mission of ‘Freedom for the soul’ it’s no wonder we are loyal to these quality motorcycles.

Our Harley rental bikes

1200T Sportster

If you are interested in a slightly smaller steed that does not compromise on power, then the 1200T Sportster is for you! This stunning motorcycle offers high comfort suitable for short and long distance travel.


The Road King offers riders the experience of a sense of true nostalgia. The motorcycle has excellent driving performance for any occasion and will make your ride more enjoyable, whether going on a short or long trip.


If you’re looking for a long-distance bike that is both comfortable and capable of taking on any adventure, the Road Glide Special should be at the top of your list. Ride with attitude with this dream machine.


If you are a high mileage rider, The Road Glide Ultra 103ci is the bike you have been looking for! With Reflex™ linked Brembo® brakes and the BOOM!™ Box GTS infotainment console, this Harley brings an unforgettable journey with every ride.

Road Glide Ultra 114ci

Get ready for an adrenaline rush with the Harley Davidson Road Glide Ultra 114ci! Designed for adventurous spirits, this motorcycle boasts a unique design that promises secure and stable travels whilst empowering effortless exhilaration.

Road Glide Ultra CVO

Motorcycle adventure enthusiasts will adore the thrilling experience delivered by the Road Glide CVO. This Harley ensures safe journeys across long distances, with generous room for a co-rider and ample luggage space.

With Harley, it’s all about the experience…

The Harley Davidson brand is synonymous with quality, soul and the freedom of riding. To maintain this, Harley continuously strives for innovation to bring riders the best of the industry coupled with its old-time charm.

We have a range of our favourite Harley’s, all suited for touring, to share this experience with you. With a Harley Davidson rental Cape Town you can see why this brand is so loved!



Road King Classic


Road Glide Special


Road Glide Ultra 103ci

Road Glide Ultra 114ci


Road Glide Ultra CVO



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