As an essential services deliveries’ contractor, Makani now takes to the road to bring your essential goods to the safety of your doorstep! As COVID-19 brings small business and similarly the economy to their knees, the travel and tourism sector is especially affected during these unprecedented times. In response to this pandemic, Makani is ensuring the livelihood of our staff and business by reinvention and adaptation as a delivery and/or courier company. As we now operate as an essential services provider, we may now transport essential goods during the various levels of lockdown.

Local essential goods delivery

If you reside in Cape Town and are in need of essential food, items, clothing or medication and are unable to travel, we can help! We can do your shopping and medicine runs on your behalf, from a retailer you choose and deliver these goods to your home. We bring your essential items to your doorstep.

We have taken every safety and hygiene precaution in order to protect not only our staff but you, as our valued customer too. All our staff members use face masks, gloves and will maintain social distancing protocols when delivering your goods to your doorstep. We will drop your goods at your door and wait a safe distance away while you check and collect your order. We strive to deliver goods within 3 hours of an order being placed!

How to place your order


Email or WhatsApp 063 656 1613 with your order and provide the following details:

  • Full name and surname
  • Delivery address (check this address twice)
  • Mobile contact number where you can be reached
  • The store or stores you need goods to be bought from
  • Items you require with brand names or details
  • Additional notes you need us to know

Makani will then do your shopping for you, pay for your purchases and send you the amount owing, comprising the purchase price (photo of the invoice or slip) and our delivery fee. The rider will deliver the parcels to your door, and once you are satisfied that all is in order then you can pay by SnapScan or via an instant EFT.

Our delivery fee will be comprised of a basic amount of R150.00 plus R2.00/km return trip.

Door to door deliveries of packages and parcels
Our courier offering: If you need a parcel delivered to a family member, friend or associate, we will pick it up from your house and drop it off at the destination you require, on one of our touring Harley Davidsons, which comes equipped with a huge top box, panniers and a luggage rack, guaranteed to fit all your bags in.
In the spirit of gratitude to all our valuable clients who will make use of our services for deliveries or courier services, we will be running a competition. All participating client’s names will go into a lucky draw, and when restrictions are lifted, 6 lucky winners will receive a FREE ride around the Cape peninsula on the back of one of our beautiful Harley Davidson motorcycles.
Kindly note that Makani is in no way attempting to exploit the coronavirus pandemic in any way, but are merely trying to assist those in need, and similarly to retain our staff, who would otherwise be out of work right now. Your support is appreciated.
Terms & Conditions
  • We retain the right to turn down any order at our discretion.
  • There is a limit of 30 items per order – it must be repeated that this service is for essential items only.
  • The sale of alcohol & cigarettes is currently prohibited by law.
  • We do not endorse stockpiling and will turn down any orders including excessive amounts of any one item.
  • Should your preferred brand not be available, Makani will use our discretion to purchase a similar item, unless you state otherwise.
Feel free to


+27 (0)63 656 1613
Northgate Park, Block 2, Section street, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town, 7405

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